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Where do I stay if I want to go into Tampa early?

We are working on getting a group rate at a hotel in Tampa and will have dance events planned to start dancing before the cruise even leaves. Join us to see the city and dance with locals. We will arrive on Thursday, February 15th and have events planned each night up until the cruise departs.

How much dancing will there be on the cruise?

We have classes every day we are at sea for several hours with beginning, intermediate, and advanced tracks running), we also have a short fun class or activity before our our private DJed dances almost every night of the cruise. After our own dances we go find the best live music on the ship - there are typically jazz bands, rockabilly, latin bands, or pop music bands all over the ship. There are typically 20-30 hours of classes and about 4-5 hours of dancing available each evening, as well as some dances on beaches while we are at port (do as much dancing as you want)!

Can I just book on my own through Carnival?

If you book through directly you will not be able to participate in dance classes, our dances, or group dining. Please know that we work on booking great instructors and we believe in paying them for their time and energy put into teaching. The only way we can do so is by having a dance fee added to the cruise rate. That covers all your classes, dances, fun mixers, and more.

Do I have to have a cabin mate?

No, but we can pair you up based on your needs with others who are looking for a roommate on the facebook event page when it goes live.

I am brand new to dancing, should I do this?

Oh my goodness, yes. What better way to start dancing than an immersion experience to paradise! We have classes for complete beginners and throughout the week you will learn lots of fun technique and moves so that you will feel comfortable dancing.

Do I have to have a partner?

No, there are lots of people who come without dance partners. Plus, we rotate in the class so you get to meet lots of new people and dance with everyone.

Do I need a passport?

No, you do not need a passport to board the ship, but you may need one at ports in case you miss the ship. If you are not bringing a passport, you will be required to have a birth certificate.  If you need a passport you can apply of renew here:

Can children come on the cruise?

Yes, absolutely. the ship has activities for children from ages two and up so they can be busy with other kids their age doing scavenger hunts and other fun activities while you are in classes. Children are also welcome in classes if they would like to learn.

When do we eat?

We have group seated dining for dinner each night and you can have breakfast and lunch on your schedule. We typically do early dining (6pm) so we have time for lots of dancing after but depending on our dance schedule we may do late dining.

Which excursions should I do?

We will post our suggestions on the ports page - you are welcome to come to those or pick your own from the Carnival website or another travel website. We plan to have dancing opportunities in at least one of the ports of call.

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